The Eastern Oregon Climate Change Coalition is a nonprofit organization in Oregon, formed in January of 2017. It grew out of a smaller ad-hoc group that began in 2006 and was provided logistical support by the county, to study the scientific information regarding climate changes in our region, and to provide that information to the general public in the county.

We have a sense of purpose and urgency regarding the need for a credible voice at the local level to engage our fellow citizens in Eastern Oregon with the most accurate and up-to-date scientific, research-based information about the impacts of our changing climate on our communities and our families, and ways we can adapt to those changes. Our mission is to facilitate communication, education, adaptation and conservation with regard to changing climate. Activities of the organization include providing forums, workshops, presentations, and a website with information about the climate change impacts on Eastern Oregon.

Most of the information on our website comes from presentations given in forums and workshops provided in the last two years. The information includes the source and credits.

Who We Are

Our organization is a diverse coalition of people in Eastern Oregon who are concerned about the changing climate, and the difficulty the public experiences in sorting through strident voices and rhetoric about climate. Many of those voices shout opinions without considering the huge volume of recent research worldwide which has been completed. We are not here to argue or shout; we are here to listen, and to provide peer-reviewed, research-based information which has broad scientific consensus.

Who we serve

We serve the people of Eastern Oregon and their communities. We serve our neighbors and those whose lives will be touched by a changing climate.

Recent Efforts

In February and March, 2015, the group presented two evening forums at BMCC, covering the range of current and anticipated changes in our local climate, and ways we may be able to adapt to those changes. The forums were sponsored by The East Oregonian, BMCC, AAUW, and others.

Beginning in early 2016, the group began a series of community workshops. Those presented this year were regarding Adaptive Forests, What Individuals Can Do, and Adapting to Impacts of a Changing Climate to Human Health. Information presented and discussed at these workshops is included in this site.

Interested in joining our group?

If you would like to be involved in our efforts, contact us or join our next meeting or workshop.